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Frozen Part 6

Inside the room was a basic shaped room with a circular hole in the ceiling,

Zero X. Diamond
Recursive interior design.

and a single person, trapped in the time field as well, indicated by the Pink aura representing Stop,

Zero X. Diamond
Must be get a recap of exactly what this pink aura means every time Sandra sees it?

Oh, wait, it's a Pink aura.  It signifies that this person is a big fan of pop musician Pink.

 but when she looked up at the ceiling, she saw a shocking sight: the bottom of the very meteor that crashed into Onett a while back. "They must be using this place to gather samples from the meteorite and study them."

Zero X. Diamond
Or it's some really, really crafty teenager's secret pot smoking spot.

She also noticed another door on the other side of the room, a much bigger door than the other that she went through. Oddly enough, it seemed to be made out of something she hadn't seen before.

Zero X. Diamond
The purest and finest Madeuppium?

She wondered if she should rip the door off or not...

Zero X. Diamond
No, just stay here beneath the meteor forever.

Spoony Spoonicus
Use the knob, you knob.

(Smidgen is supposed to be harder to stop than that I would think, since the scientest said he could pull himself back together from about any attack, and was almost totally indestrucible. If you didn't want him coming back, sorry about that, DrAndonuts. -_-; )]

Zero X. Diamond
It's not DrAndonuts you should be apologizing to.

(No, I think you're right.)

Zero X. Diamond
 No!  For God's sake, no!  Leave the gross, slimy baby-man dead already!!

Most of the rest of the group could only stare at Nebiroth, as he struggled with Smidgen.

Glenn, who had been feeling more or less useless since his sword broke,

Zero X. Diamond
Don't kid yourself, Glenn.  You were more or less useless since before this whole thing began!

looked at Nebiroth, cringed,

Zero X. Diamond
Oh yeah, like you're so hot.

and tried to edge away from the battle.

"Whare'd THAT come from?" said Glenn. "I wonder..." He headed for Two-Three Tunnel.

Meanwhile, Kyle's opinion of Nebiroth was different. He had a natural attraction to evil things, being a creature of darkness himself (to an extent),

Zero X. Diamond
His character sheet says "Lawful Sorta-Evil."

and if something showed the slightest hint of being good, regardless of what it looks like, he gave it a chance.

Spoony Spoonicus
No Easter bunny, no tooth fairy, and NO UNCLE MIKEY!

"What are we waiting for? Let's help it!" he said.

"What is it?" asked Weregrowlithmon.

"What are you?" asked Kyle.

Zero X. Diamond

Spoony Spoonicus
And then he went off to yell at the lighting guy for moving around during the shoot.


Kyle shook his head and got closer to the two battling monsters. He didn't want to get close... it looked a bit dangerous, getting between the two.

Zero X. Diamond
As opposed to how safe everything else has been so far.

 So, Kyle decided to use PSI. It had been a while, since he basically stopped using it when he got Excalabur and its abilities.

Zero X. Diamond
Give a man a fakey-ass novelty sword and he forgets all about the overwhelming power of the mind.

 Now... how'd it go?

"Er... PSI Shadow Beam Gamma!" Kyle pointed at Smidgen and multiple large beams of dark energy shot at Smidgen.

Zero X. Diamond
Oh man, classic EarthBound right there.  Everyone knows PSI Shadow Beam Gamma was the key to beating Limburger Pile at the end of Bamberto Cavern.

Spoony Spoonicus
Is it like the Flashdark from the first game?

Nebiroth noticed Kyle's attack and took advantage of it, making sure not to get into the way of the beams. Something's not right about that human, thought Nebiroth. But I think I'll let it help me... for now.


Glenn arrived in Twoson, and looked around for a clue as to where that monster came from. Near Polestar Preschool, Glenn gave up on obvious clues.

Zero X. Diamond
Mostly because he was incapable of picking up on anything remotely resembling a clue.

Instead he decided to cast of one is more practical rune spells. He drew the rune and spoke it. It split into two and attached themselves to his eyes.

Gaze into my nipples of the future!

Zero X. Diamond
Unfortunately, he curved one of the lines left when it should have been to the right and wrote the "Permanent Blinding" spell rune.

Spoony Spoonicus
That's why smart wizards wear glasses they can enchant!

Glenn gazed upon the ground and saw large footsteps glowing. But he also saw recently made footsteps of something else.

Zero X. Diamond
An antelope?  A reanimated skeleton?  Former president Jimmy Carter?

Genome Soldier
Huh?  Whose footprints are these?!

A human, a girl by the shape and size.

Zero X. Diamond
Glenn's looked at enough fetish sites to know what a girl's footprint looks like.

The monster's origin could wait. Glenn had to find this girl!

Zero X. Diamond
He hadn't been rejected by one since he last invited one over to watch anime with his Evangelion body pillows, and it was high time to fix that!

 With the way the mysterious enemy was sending monsters to take care of the people who resisted the freeze, she might be in danger!

Zero X. Diamond
She's about as in danger as you are intelligent.

he followed the footsteps toward Onett.

Spoony Spoonicus
I'm getting a mental image of Inspector Gadget following a trail of very obvious footprints, oblivious to everything else going on around him.

(Cecil, that's fine. I agree with both you and LP. Plus this is IF, so I'm going with the flow.)

Smidgen was contemplating on how to absorb Nebiroth's powers.

Zero X. Diamond
Settle down, interbreed with his kind, and, in time, come to possess his power.

 Doing this, Brett and Zac exploited this moment and attacked.

The two stood about five feet apart, side by side. Both crossed their arms over their chests. This is where the similarities in the attacks end. Brett's body started to glow pure white; Zac became illuminated by darkness.

Zero X. Diamond
Darkness lighting a guy up.  That's a thing that's happening right now.

A few seconds later, faint waves of energy spewed forth from a recently created dome of energy surrounding the two,

Zero X. Diamond
Brett & Zac: Beyond Morondome

 Brett's dome being white and Zac's black. As "time" progressed,

Zero X. Diamond
Ironic time.

the waves became stronger. As the attacks developed, the two floated closer together, the opposing energies causing sparks to fly in random locations.

Zero X. Diamond
Please tell me they're going to collide and their opposing energies will completely negate each other in a giant explosion.

"I suggest all but one of us move. Someone needs to keep Smidgen occupied until those two can attack," Matt said.

Zero X. Diamond
Make GMOE or one of the Digitards do it.  Be sure to dress them up with some sauce to make them particularly appetizing.

"I'll keep him busy," Kyle volunteered.

Zero X. Diamond
You'll do, I guess.

The rest of the group took cover, sensing the strength of both attacks. Kyle leapt forward and started to slash away with Excalabur, forcing Smidgen to dodge in place.

Zero X. Diamond
After which he ran away by refusing to move in the slightest.

"Ready?" Brett asked his twin.

"Yeah, sure." Zac had already started to prepare to fire.

"Instead of having two seperate attacks, let's combine them."

"Sounds good." Zac turned his cupped hands towards Brett. Brett did the same, turning towards Zac. Between their four hands, a good sized ball of light and dark energy formed,

Spoony Spoonicus
Dark energy.  Another arbitrary concept that doesn't really make any sense if you think about it.  I mean, darkness is the absence of light, not an energy source in and of itself...

sparks flying from the clash in energies. Focusing all of the energy the two gathered into that one spot caused the orb to quadruple in size.

"Omega Beam!" The two shouted. Using a lot of their strength, Brett and Zac managed to swing their arms out to the front and fired the attack.

Zero X. Diamond
I understand it's pretty hard to move your arms.  How I managed to get them onto this keyboard at all is still a mystery to me.

A huge beam of holy and shadow/dark energy shot out towards Smidgen and Kyle. Kyle gave one more slash and jumped out of the way as quickly as he could, barely dodging the attack. Smidgen turned to see the beam flying at him. Instead of being scared, the monster lit up with joy as a huge source of energy came at him. Opening wide, the attack flowed right down to his stomach. As soon as the beam stopped, Smidgen licked his lips happily.

Spoony Spoonicus
Hur hur Dragonball plagiarism adurr

Zero X. Diamond
 Seriously, knock off the shit, dude.  It's getting really creepy.

"What the-" Matt looked in shock. "He should have went 'boom' by now." As soon as he was done speaking, Smidgen exploded, sending pink globs everywhere. "I guess I spoke too soon..." Unbenowst to the group, Smidgen was already starting to pull himself back together.

Zero X. Diamond
So this is Frozen, huh?  Just pages and pages and pages of them blowing up this guy and watching him reform, only to do it all over again?

Spoony Spoonicus
Then another new character jumps in, discovers that the rules of the freeze beam are completely inconsistent and then they exposit eight pages of backstory that has nothing to do with the current plot.  Rinse and repeat.

Sandra decided to go with her curious instinct, and with a breath of caution, grabbed the door by it's vault like wheel, and attempted to see if she could open the door without ripping it right off. The handle however, couldn't handle the eventual pressure she put on it, and broke off the door. Sandra scowled at the door, and screamed "Blizzaga!!",

Zero X. Diamond

 hammering the door with an icy blast of magic, freezing part of the door. Sandra then heard something faintly behind the door, a muffled voice. It sounded much like a cry for help. Sandra, happy to find people not appearantly frozen, quickly took action and screamed, "If you can hear me in there, back away from the door!!! I'm going to kick it down!!!"

Zero X. Diamond
Which, to the normal person inside, probably sounds like a complete goddamn joke.

After waiting for about 10 seconds, she jumped at the door, and spin kicked it. It didn't have an immediate effect, but then a crack formed in the frozen door, which then expanded until it was all the way across the door from top to bottom, and left to right. "Hi-yah!!!" Sandra shrieked and kicked the door once again, shattering it into thousands of small and frozen fragments.

North Star Hundred Crack Fist 百裂拳

Zero X. Diamond
Kicks are only really effective when you scream "hi-yah" while doing them.  It's science.

 Sandra looked into the room beyond, and her mind suddenly give a huge mental gasp at what she saw.

Zero X. Diamond
Her eyes metaphorically freaked out, and her butt virtually asked what all the fuss was.

There, along with two other men inside, was none other than James Polestar, Sandra's father. She could remember his face from anywhere.

Zero X. Diamond
Like that picture she looked at fifteen minutes ago, for example.

 And he and his two colleges

Zero X. Diamond
How'd Harvard and Oxford both manage to cram into this metal cubicle under Ness's house??

was completely unaffected by the time anomoly, as they sported no auras of anything around them,

Spoony Spoonicus
Except for the bitter aura of shame.

and they were staring back at her, wide-eyed at her feat, and at the fact they were now free of their time induced prison room. Sandra had no doubt that her father probably wouldn't recognize her at first glance, but it didn't matter to her at the moment. At least one person in her family other than herself was unaffected by the time anomoly. It... must have been the door they were behind. It's... the only explanation.

Zero X. Diamond
Yes, metal doors block time distortions.  Of course.  This is also science.

Spoony Spoonicus
Now I have a mental image of the rest of the characters all walking around wearing tinfoil hats.

She then decided to speak again, "Are you three alright? Are you totally unfrozen?" "We're fine." one of the other men answered her,

Zero X. Diamond
"Well, except for Carl.  He was hit by metal shrapnel from that reinforced steel vault door you just exploded and died."

"But what do you mean by Frozen?" James had during that time walked by his 2nd daughter, not knowing who she was, and examining the other man in the room that was frozen. "I think she means like Johnson here!" he spoke to his friends, pointing their frozen comrade out. "Johnson? Is he... dead?" asked the other of the unknown unfrozen men. "No... I don't think he's dead, just... frozen in time." Sandra answered in an almost absentminded tone, as if it was nothing new to her. James and his two other friends gaped at her like she was crazy.

Spoony Spoonicus
Well she certainly has a fetish for pink auras and destroying doors.  And idiots with inflatable penises who can multiply themselves.

Zero X. Diamond
They were practicing their goatse impressions to pass the time, so it was much easier for them to gape than usual.

 "Frozen in time? Are you crazy or something?" James asked her. "That's what I thought too at first, but if you look outside, there's some kind of red field in the sky, covering the area, and probably the whole planet as well. I believe that's what may be freezing the Earth in time."

Zero X. Diamond
I think we need an Explain-o-Meter to tally up just how many times this shit has and will continue to be explained over and over again.

Sandra replied to his question. The three recently freed men did just that, walking outside along the cliffside, looking into the sky at the red field. Sandra had decided to follow them out. It was a good thing, at least in her case, that she did. Her eyes went wide as she noticed a familar looking shape in the distance, headed towards a bright red star. She didn't realize it just yet, but it was Nebiroth's beam that he had shot towards it minutes ago. It couldn't be... could it?!

Zero X. Diamond
Is it a beam of pure molasses or something?  How the hell is it taking several minutes to reach the ship?

The bullet is enormous, there is no escaping!

Jumping... is useless!

Sandra decided to use her aura search to scan the planet for the aura she was thinking of.

Zero X. Diamond
She's been in this story how long now and already she's pulling out abilities that function on a planet-wide scale?

Sure enough, to her utter shock, she sensed her old enemy's primary minion's

brother's nephew's cousin's hairdresser's plumber's roommate from college's

energy, coming from the other direction that she came. Crud!! How did Nebiroth find a gate to here?!

Zero X. Diamond
They told me at the ticket office that they were discontinuing service to Earth and swapping that gate out for travel to Tralfamadore!

I thought the Bourdon gate closed after I went through it! She knew Nebiroth was looking for her to try and avenge Sardius' death at her hands, and to recover the cape of his slain friend Austorouto,

Mayor Mike Haggar
Taking trophies from someone you've slain is the sign of a serial killer, you know.

but it still puzzled her how he found the gate she went though. She also didn't want her father, or anyone else to be found by that thing. She had no idea of his attitude around people. "We gotta get home now you guys!!" she shouted to James and his two friends. "Wait! We gotta at least bring Johnson back with us!" James's second friend replied. "Yeah, we... we can't leave him here. Something could happen to him."

Zero X. Diamond
Yeah, like for example, he could stand perfectly still for days on end, never moving.

 James agreed. Sandra thought for a minute as she followed them back to were Johnson was frozen in time. That means we have to carry him all that way. Sandra looked at Johnson, still able to see the Stop aura that no one else could. Then it hit her like another slap on the head.

Zero X. Diamond
Only then did she realize she could've had a V8.

 Maybe if I... She trailed off mentally as she walked up to Johnson, and looked up, chanting a small bit to herself, and then screaming out "DISPEL!!"

Three magical coins suddenly appeared above the head of Johnson, and circled down around him, and then melted onto him for a short time, then fading away. After this was done, the Pink aura of Stop had vanished around Johnson, who had fell down on his back from the aftereffects, but was now unfrozen.

Zero X. Diamond
And covered in third-degree burns from having molten metal poured over the surface of his body.

Sandra soon gained a glimmer of hope. Dispel can counteract the effects of the anomoly!

Mayor Mike Haggar
Wait a minute.  It did nothing earlier, why does it suddenly work now?

Bullshit plot points that will never be explained counter: 6

But she looked down as she realized one problem. It's only a short-term answer though. I can't unfreeze the entire planet one-by-one, no matter how much magic I can use on one reserve. There are simply too many people. I'm still gonna have to try and find the source of this.

Spoony Spoonicus
Considering we've already established that you can run at around 600 miles an hour, regenerate MP faster than you use it, and Haste yourself 16 times over on top, I call bullshit on that.  You could have everyone on the planet unfrozen in a matter of hours and this story would be over.

 Meanwhile, James and his other two friends were shocked stiff at the fact this girl had just freed Johnson from his time-incuded capture. "How did you... do that?" James asked Sandra, still unaware of the fact he was talking to his lost daughter from a decade ago. "Magic... no time to explain now!

Spoony Spoonicus
"I'll do it later in one long, unbroken paragraph of autism-inducing rambling!"

I gotta get you guys outta here before Nebiroth finds us. I can probably handle him, but he might use you as bait for me if he finds us all together!" Johnson regained his senses, although he was stunned by the recent events. "What happened? Why was I passed out on the floor?" "No time to explain. This girl says some monster is looking for her, and if it finds us, it might use us as bait against her." James's first friend said to him.

"Alrightly then." James said, "We're gonna take the sewer path to the house." James said. "Sewer path?" Sandra asked. "Just follow us." Johnson advised her.

Zero X. Diamond
"Nuh uh, no way.  I'm not going in some smelly sewer," complained Sandra.  "There's poo gas down there!"

James ducked down, and picked up a large tile from the floor, revealing a sewer grate. He couldn't budge it. "Um, could you..." James couldn't finish as Sandra ducked down and punched the grate, shattering it into small pieces.

Spoony Spoonicus
Not to be nitpicky here but I'm pretty sure metal doesn't just shatter like that.  It bends and tears.

"No problem!" Sandra said, a bit embarrased with a ^_^; on her face.

Zero X. Diamond
She'd had it tattooed on her when she joined the Anime Gang.

They couldn't help smiling back just a bit, especially James for some odd reason, as they all climbed than the ladder beyond, and into the sewers.

Meanwhile, Glenn was still using his rune to follow the foorsteps of Sandra, and managed to find the ladder down to the cliffside. With a sense of urgency to protect her, not even knowing who she was, he slowly climbed down the ladder to the cliffside...

Zero X. Diamond
 He's hoping that being her knight in shining armor might be enough to get him some action.


Mayor Mike Haggar
You're awarding yourself FIVE stars now?  That's just arrogant.

Back at the battle against Smidgen, Nebiroth no longer cared about food, or the destruction of any living thing in his path. He was angered outgoingly

Zero X. Diamond
I don't believe that word means what you think it means.

 at Smidgen for trying to eat him, but allowed Kyle to have space for his Shadow Beam Gamma, and then Brett and Zac for what he called their "Spiritual Antipodial Beam Attack".

Zero X. Diamond
They hired an 80s NES game translation team to name their attacks.

Smidgen was now in pieces again, but Nebiroth not only knew better than to rely on him being dead, but he had also caught notice of Smidgen beginning to reform.

Spoony Spoonicus
Have to love when one author makes a character with a bullshit regenerating power and then a rule gets instated that says no author can kill another author's character so they just come back again and again and again and again and again until you decide to bite your tongue off to end the torture.

 Ah poo. I was hoping I wouldn't have to use this attack until I found the Pink-Haired brat again. I was originally saving this for her, but this Smidgen creature is going too far. Forget eating and destroying these humans. They tried to help me. Perhaps master Sardius was somewhat wrong about the human race and it's intentions.

Zero X. Diamond
It wasn't quite as sudden a switch of sides as ZXD-Hunter Sabbre, but it's pretty close.

 I still want to fight that brat though at least one more time.

Nebiroth suddenly formed himself into a pose, crossing his arms and leaning forward, and began to glow a faint bluish-white color.

Zero X. Diamond
He's getting ready to use his "Prancing Millard Fillmore Lotus Blossom Sunshine Explosion" technique.

Mayor Mike Haggar
Nuclear Cossack Dance Attack!

To Brett and Zac, who especially understood energy well, he was charging his power up for a big attack. Friends! He spoke into their minds with a small hint of telepathy, using his intelligent voice, shocking them to realize he was no longer going to be hostile towards them, When he regenerates, if you could, try to distract them. I'm charging up for my 'Body Laser' attack.

Zero X. Diamond
My name was better.

Shoop da Whoop

It might just be strong enough to wipe him out with no trace of him leftover, but I'm not sure. I've never done this before to any specific target.

Zero X. Diamond
Usually he would just walk through the middle of town blasting anything that he walked past.

 All I know is that the attack is a continuous laser in the shape of my own body,

Spoony Spoonicus
iPod... Commercial... BEEEEEEEAM!

so if it works, it should completely disintergrate him, and he'll be unable to put himself back together. The other stared at him, wondering if they should trust him.

As his energy began to grow, Nebiroth thought to himself Pink-haired slayer of Sardius.

Zero X. Diamond
The name of the glam metal band playing at the Holiday Inn just off the highway outside of town.

I am still searching for you, so do not think you are totally out of this one yet!...

Spoony Spoonicus
He's one of those guys who tweets every two minutes to remind you that yes, he is still watching the same movie that he was earlier.  And inconveniencing everyone else in the theater as he does so.

Bob was hearing a voice in his head. Not too strange, considering him, but this was different. It wasn't one he'd heard before. But the one thing that stood out most was the word "distract."

"Hey everyone, I can take care of this one myself!" said Bob with a wink. (Or was that just a twitch?)

Zero X. Diamond
I'm starting to really hate him.

Yes, that he could. He could distract the entire Eagleland Military for at least an hour. He knew that one from experience.

Zero X. Diamond
As we all know, law enforcement works like Grand Theft Auto in real life.  Piss off the cops enough and they call in the military, no matter the offense.

Spoony Spoonicus
But if you make it to an auto shop and call "SAFE!" all charges against you are immediately dropped.

Bob began to walk over to the shivering pieces of Smidgen flesh. He simply sat there playing with a piece of string while the creature rebuilt itself.

By the time the creature was done, he'd already made a cute little noose out of it.

Zero X. Diamond
He should open an etsy store and sell those to sad goth kids.  He'd make a KILLING!  Hahaha, get it?  Because he's a murderer??

 And that's when he started the diversion.

"Hey there tall, dark and tubby! You want a piece of this? Grade A meat, kiddo!"

Zero X. Diamond
This sounds disturbingly inappropriate.

Smidgen's memory wasn't so good,

Zero X. Diamond
What with it having been blasted to pulp twice in the past five minutes.

and it once again attempted to eat Bob.

GULP!!! ..... SPIT!

"Yucky! You no have powers! Me not like powerless slob!"

"Aw, shut up. You're so ugly that when you were born, the doctor committed suicide!"

Zero X. Diamond
What a weak joke.

Yo mama so old, her social security number is 1!

Spoony Spoonicus
Yo mama so dumb she thought a quarterback was a refund!

Mayor Mike Haggar
Yo mama so fat AND dumb she went to Golden Corral expecting food to be served from a trough!

"You no smart. You make Smidgen MAD!"

Smidgen lunged for Bob, attempting to body slam him. He completely missed, landing against a brick wall. The texture of the wall pushed into his skin.

"What's the matter? Can the fat, ugly mutant not catch the scrawny, weak, powerless little human?"

Smidgen now gave chase, Bob leading him around in circles, giggling like a school girl.

Zero X. Diamond
At last, at last, I finally have a boyfriend!!

 He hadn't had this much fun since he fell in the alligator pit at the zoo!

Zero X. Diamond
If only I were more business minded, this guy would be on seven different t-shirts at Hot Topic right now.

Suddenly, a voice echoed through his head.

Foolish one! it blared. Get out of the way, make haste! My attack is ready!

He took this opportunity to push a stick through Smidgen's head.

"Bye now, you stupid ball of lard!"

Spoony Spoonicus
My exact words upon quitting my previous job.  Queen Bitch never knew what hit her.

He dove aside, seconds before a humongous, Nebiroth shaped beam pierced the air. It hit Smidgen and blasted the flesh clean off of its host. The attack pulverised Smidgen into nothingness. Finally there would be peace again.

Zero X. Diamond
What is this, a Mega Man X ending?

"So... that's it, I guess." said Brett.

"Yeah, all we can do now is wait for something else to happen." added Zac.

Bob was currently sitting upon a large rock, drawing stick pictures in the dirt with a stick. He just couldn't place the feeling he was experiencing.

Zero X. Diamond
Never before had he felt "tacoriffic."

He'd never felt it before. It was an odd feeling, it made him long for something better in his life. But he just couldn't put his finger on it.

Nebiroth panted from his use of energy. He had to really charge that last Body Laser up for Smidgen's demise. He silently thanked Bob for being the one to distract him.

Zero X. Diamond
Also known as "not thanking him."

 Perhaps he truly underestimated the humans in general, and their imbitions.

Zero X. Diamond
Tell me about it.  I'm just chock full of imbitions, whatever the hell those are.

Nebiroth had in his past been told by his master Sardius that humans were disgusting little creatures with too much arrogance and no remorse for even their own kind.

Zero X. Diamond
Sounds pretty spot on to me.

 Of course, until Sandra arrived in the Phantom Zone, Nebiroth had never actually seen a human, so he had to believe Sardius back then.

It was also then he lost some of his motivation to even fight Sandra. He didn't care of avenging Sardius, and only of recovering the cape of his slain friend. However he also thought back to the tri-elemental serpent Hydra and the ice golem Freon,

Zero X. Diamond
Who lent his powers out to refrigerators and air conditioners.

two other former minions of Sardius, both turned to the light side upon Sandra's freeing of their souls. Nebiroth recalled of her ability to summon them specfically during battle. He remembered Austorouto's death wasn't truly at Sandra's own hands, but that of a Delta-elemental attack of the summoned spirit of Hydra. It was then he understood why they turned to the light: the same reason he was now, because they also were under the influence of Sardius, merely his SLAVES. Nebiroth growled out loud primatively without even caring at the thought: "Master lie to Nebiroth about humans!!" and stomped the ground in anger at his former, now dead master, catching some uneasy eyes from Bob, Breet, Zac, GMOE, and Kyle. Nebiroth!! Stop! I know you wish to avenge me! But Sandra's intentions were right. She fought us to protect the world that in returned helped her in settling into her respective role when she was barely out of a toddler state! echoed a voice in his head, not his own. Aust... Austarouto?! Nebiroth was shocked at the sound of his friend's voice from the great beyond. Yes... it is me. I am sorry I wasn't able to tell you before Sandra fought you, but my soul was already out of the Phantom Zone when she reached you. I couldn't speak to you then. Only now, that you are on Earth, as your new human friends call this world, was I able to reach you. I know you are saddened by my death, but we did work for the wrong side. Cockatrice, Barnacla, Mongoliow, Hydra, Freon, I, and even you were deceived by Sardius.

Zero X. Diamond
 Let's not forget Karlore, Jamboni, Zeussiteuss, Vindacto, Klibber, McGroobaloob, Limpersus, Grandpa Mortimer, and Quabinkus!

He deserved everything he got from that girl. Do you understand?" Nebiroth could only nod mentally in agreement. Good. The Phantom Zone's time has come and also passed. You are the sole survivor of the realm, and it is up to you to live on in our legacy, the legacy of the TRUE beings of the Phantom Zone, before the coming of Sardius.

Spoony Spoonicus
"I didn't bother writing out a story that comes before this one so here, have a forced summary of every single thing that would have happened in it!"

Also, it is point for point a lameass Final Fantasy plot in structure, just with Castlevania and Ghosts n' Goblins characters instead of mythological creatures.

 You're right, old friend. I still wish to face the Pink-Haired monster, but now only for the purpose of curiosity. I still wish to know if she has changed. Nebiroth... be warned... the people who have frozen Earth in time. They are aliens from the depths of space, in that "star" you shot at earlier. They have most likely found out about you and are wondering what and who you are. Please, be careful, good luck... and take care of yourself. If you should survive this, we'll talk later.

Zero X. Diamond
There are probably some words left in the English language they haven't said yet.

and the voice of Austorouto, friend of Nebiroth, had vanished back to the land of wind and ghosts.

Zero X. Diamond
More farty ghosts.

Spoony Spoonicus
I just want to stop for a moment and point out that that one long, unbroken paragraph took up nearly a full page of the seven pages I post for these updates...

Nebiroth now felt he had to find Sandra, not only so he could challenge her to a match later, but for some odd reason, he felt the secret knack, to watch her... watch the savior of the souls of the old Phantom Zone, slayer of Sardius, and heroine of Santranus.

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He felt the need to do this in secrecy, while wearing a dirty raincoat, while on the other side of a window and while she was taking off her clothes.

However, he also couldn't help leaving Zac, Brett, Bob, GMOE, Kyle and... then he noticed. The one named Glenn had edged away during his clash with Smidgen earlier. He had some feeling he wasn't the only one looking for Sandra now, as the boy had going into the Two-Three tunnel, the same way he came into Threed in the first place.

Nebiroth decided to speak again, but to assure the other he hadn't going crazy. "Thank you. Many friends unfrozen here. However, Nebiroth must find Pink-Haired Brat still." he decided in front of them he was still going to refer to Sandra by that name. He didn't want them to totally think he went soft on her or them. "May also be in danger. If you want follow Nebiroth, your choice. Nebiroth not encourage you. Nebiroth not discourage you either."

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Nebiroth could go either way, honestly.  Nebiroth pretty chill guy.

he said, and looked to the Two-Three tunnel, wondering the answer from his friends.

Meanwhile, a single and VERY tiny piece of the late Smidgen uttered a final desperate death plea to his creator through telepathy. Master. Been defeated... Avenge... av..enge... and then the final drop of Smidgen vanished into the dusts of time...

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In the sewers, Sandra, James, Johnson, and Terrance and Lance[the two friends of James from the room he was trapped in]

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Thank God for this.  Once again, without being explicitly told, I'd have assumed the last two were random drifters they found in the sewer system.

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Along with Tiffany, Heather, Cody, Dylan, Dermot, Jacob, Jordan, Taylor, Brittany, Wesley, Rumer, Scout, Cassidy, Heather, Zoe, Chloe, Max, Hunter, Kendall, Caitlin, Noah, Sasha, Morgan, Kyra, Ian, Lauren, Q-bert, and Phil.

were trudging through the Onett sewer system. "Hey, how is this going to get us to your home?" Sandra asked her father, who still didn't know who she was yet. "Well, the Onett Sewers connect to the sewers under Twoson, and those are connected to the Threed sewers, and so on."

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Every sewer on the planet is interconnected, like a massive, shit-filled underworld.

James answered. Why does she seem familar to me. It's as if I've seen her before! James was still unable to put his finger on the dillema at hand, and the problems with the stasis field were his primary concern at the moment. "But... how will we get into your house without being spotted?" she asked more.

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Assumedly by having you just punch a hole through the floor.

"Well, when we get there.. I'll show you." he put a nitch of pause in his voice as to make Sandra eagar to find out. "Um, okay." Sandra said with a bit of wonder. Dad, when are you going to realize it's me, Sandra?! she thought to herself. She was hoping he hadn't totally forgotten about her, although she knew to think of her fate 10 years ago was also hard on him, her mother and Paula.

Soon afterwhich,

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A sandwich past its expiration date.

 they came to a wall in which the bricks seemed slightly out of place in alignment. Sandra raised an eyebrow at this. James walked up and pushed on the wall, but then remembered that the time freeze most likely held it in a strong grip, he turned to ask her for help due to her strength, but then he remember a small detail, "Uh, excuse me." he said to her, "I never did catch your name." Sandra for some reason was grinning mentally.

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Her brain has teeth, like some grody NES game end boss.

She thought of the shock on his face when she told him her name. "Name's Sandra, my friend. What is your name anyways, now that you remind me?" James's heart almost stopped at the name of the girl in front of her. She did in fact look like a teenager of 15 years, and she DID sport that even-so-familar look.

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 So familiar that it didn't dawn on him until she flat out told you her name.

 It then whacked him in the head like a slab of concrete.

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Causing a massive cerebral hemorrhage.

This young girl was in fact Sandra Polestar, his 10-year lost 2nd daughter. He almost felt like breaking down in happy tears there, but Terrence, Lance and Johnson had no clue that Sandra even existed.

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I couldn't possibly cry when these guys don't know who you are!

No one outside of Twoson the very year of her disappearance knew she even existed. Paula had never told her friends, Ness, Jeff, Poo, or even the Mr. Saturn tribes of her existance. It was because she and her family didn't wish for pity and sympathy from others, and wanted to mourn Sandra's disappearence in peace.

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Sandra realized her father had gotten the clue by his reaction, even if his friends hadn't noticed. She had read his mind to find his reaction, and caught the part about no one outside Twoson knowing about her or her disappearence, and understood his knack to keep his shock a secret, but it would have to public be annouced soon enough. "Anyways," she piped up again, asking her dad, "You needed my help again?" "Ye.. yeah... thanks." James half studdered, as his 2nd daughter, one of his two prides of joy had began pushing against the wall, soon unlatching it from it's frozen position, but not breaking it down. It was a wall that rotated on a middle pivot, revealing a secret hallway and some steps leading up. There was something familar looking at the top of the steps. Then she realized it. The sewers! She remembered it perfectly now. Twoson in the old old days had been stage for some mobsters and gangsters.

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 Historical knowledge regarding gangsters is common amongst five year olds.

They had used secret passageways in the sewers to elude the cops, and the Polestar house had unknowningly until a year before Sandra's disappearance, had a passage of it's own hidden behind a large shelf in the kitchen that could lower to reveal the stairway and the rotating wall in the sewers.

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Ah, yes. Memories Sandra thought to herself, as they approached the back of the kitchen shelf...

By now, Bob had illustrated deaths for all his stick figures.

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He's so charming and likable I can hardly stand it.

He stood up and continued trying to sort out this feeling. It was kind of like he was empty inside, yet he still felt all his innards in their places. Then he thought of what Nebiroth said.

"Hey, Nebiroth, I'll go with you. Maybe this 'pink-haired brat' can help me figure out what this means."

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 Oh boy, I think I know exactly what this means and I'm not looking forward to it.

With that, Bob crawled up onto Nebiroth's shoulder and struck a pose. He truly was a mental case.

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Oh, and also, the whole world is frozen.  You know, in case you forgot that other thing that's been blatantly stated a million times now.

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