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Rise of the Technoids, Part 5

The goo now sucked itself inside of Zero Diamond's skin. Zero began to scream in pain as an "M" burned into his flesh on his right arm.

Zero X. Diamond
Gee, pink ooze?  "M" burning into his flesh?  Boy, this sounds AWFUL familiar...
Spoony Spoonicus
Lifted directly from Dragonball GT, if memory serves.

A crescent moon intertwined itself with the star scarred on his forehead.

Bad Box Art Mega Man
He is the one called Sailor Moon!
Zero X. Diamond
Oh wait, no, see!  It burned into his ARM, not his forehead!  And there's this crescent moon thing, too!  Clearly not at all the same thing.

Then, Zero Diamond disappeared below a sudden burst of goo like he had been swallowed up by a giant worm. It took the shape of a humanoid, and it got larger and larger, along with it's power. It reached it's peak of power, then let out a mangled yelp and shrank down to Zero's size.

Zero X. Diamond
How cute, another DBZ trope!  It gets bigger and bigger, but the final form is small and harmless looking.

A new creature had been borned.

A "M" burned into it's right arm, and a crescent moon on it's forehead, it was nowhere close to what Zero Diamond had looked like. He had short blue hair, dark as the blue of indigo.

Bad Box Art Mega Man
Orange and green, red and yellow!  It's the color that's most mellow!  BLUE!

He wore a leather jacket that had short sleeves and white gloves. His pants were also black, but his shoes were blue. On his back he had a scabbard, in which he kept "his" Mithral Broadsword. Upon his face, he wore sunglasses, but the worst thing of all...

Zero X. Diamond
Was the fact that he was literally based off of a Graal Online character with the powers of a Dragonball Z character.
Spoony Spoonicus
Ah yes, Graal Online.  An MMORPG that gained some mild popularity in the late 90s because it had a visual style vaguely similar to A Link to the Past.  Also, it was virtually unplayable because it lagged so badly that it ran at a whopping 1 frame per second and there was always some hacking fucktard camping right outside the new player spawn zone who would kill them in one hit the second they walked through the gate...

the one thing that struck fear into everyone's hearts, was the dark and evil voice that spoke. "Kahahaha... the evil Majinn lives AGAIN!!!

Zero X. Diamond
 Um, er, uh, it's still original because uh... you see...

From this day on, the name Majinn... Majinn... Majinn Diamond, yes, Majinn Diamond, will be feared by all forms of life!!!"

Zero X. Diamond
Aha!  Different name!  Totally not at all the same as anything else now.

The figure let out an enormous roar of laughter, then tore off the cloak.

Zero X. Diamond

It revealed a scaly, lizardish man with a large 3-pronged spear in hand. It had been the Slitherazaki all along,
as they had feared.

Zero X. Diamond
Oh, right, that guy.  The one we were already 100% positive was this guy before this reveal.

Spoony Spoonicus
The funny thing being that I remember the exact sprite he's basing this character off of:

"I suppose you're all wondering... what happened to your little friend Zero?" Everyone nodded in disbelief and sorrow,

Zero X. Diamond
You'd think they'd be totally unfazed by Zero getting supposedly killed at this point considering it's happened like five times already.

Bad Box Art Mega Man
Eventually X stopped giving a shit that Zero kept dying left and right, considering he'd always show up again later alive and well.  Remember the part at the beginning of Command Mission where Zero gets thrown out a window to a 30 story drop and X barely reacts?

 having seen Zero swallowed up by something brought about by a mere piece of paper. "Well, he's still alive, but barely, inside of my slave here. He, however, has no control over the Majinn Demon, though the Majinn Demon is less uncontrollable than he used to be."

It's like a zen riddle!  "What is less controllable than uncontrollable?"

Zero X. Diamond
I'll give you five bucks if you can figure out what the hell I was trying to say here.

Although noone understood the last part of what the Slith had said,

Zero X. Diamond
At least I'm not the only one.

 they had now lost all hope of getting their beloved Zero back. Though many had only known him for this short time, they were all deeply saddened at his loss.

Zero X. Diamond

They then got enraged looks on their faces and drew their weapons. They slowly marched towards the Slith, but he quickly let out a mighty roar, causing two mountainous hills of sandstone on either side of them explode, revealing thousands of Technoids, Mutants, and even a few Aliens from the Technoid Horde.

Zero X. Diamond
Oh no!  How will they get out of this one??

Mega Man
By countering shoddy writing with more shoddy writing, of course.

The throng of enemies closed in on them, and it seemed there would be no hope, until a familiar figure burst through the ground with a saber in hand. He jumped up and spun around at such a velocity, the sword got longer, thinner and more curved with each twist, slashing every last one of them in half except for the Slith and Majinn Diamond.

Zero X. Diamond
Deus ex machina strikes again!!!

Noone believed their eyes when the figure stopped and fell to his knees on the ground in front of them. It was an old adversary of theirs, ZXD-Hunter Sabbre!

Spoony Spoonicus
Hooray, unexplained heel-face turn!
Zero X. Diamond
Okay, what?  Time out.

 "You guys don't need to worry about your safety, I'm on your side now, though I'm not staying long. I realized the error of my evil ways, and now I will do anything to help you! By the way, my name is Sabbre now, not ZXD-Hunter."

Zero X. Diamond
So their "old adversary," who they just completely destroyed about ten minutes ago, somehow was rebuilt and then, despite being born to murder the world, he just magically had a complete change of character and decided to come tell them about it just at the exact moment that he was required?

He threw himself at the Slith and began slashing at him madly. Since the Slith didn't see it coming, it did quite a great deal of harm to him before he finally retaliated.

Spoony Spoonicus
"Ah yes, there's that guy attacking me and whittling my HP down to nothing at a staggering rate.  I suppose I'd better do something about that."

The battle raged on, with Sabbre greatly overpowering the Slith. Each slash connected perfectly with the Slith, while only a few of the Slith's jabs hit Sabbre. "You realize that I will cut you to ribbons, do you not?"

Zero X. Diamond
This line brought to you by Lawyer Man.

Sabbre inquired, still slashing away at the Slith. "Fool, you will never kill me!! You are a mere robot, making you have limitations, while I am humanoid and I am PERFECT!!!"

Zero X. Diamond
What the fuck?  Is this the Twilight Zone?

 Slith suddenly slammed his spear at Sabbre's shoulder, causing a huge gash and sparks. Sabbre knew that Slith was somewhat right, and now concluded there was only one choice left.

Spoony Spoonicus
Ignore his sorry attempt to save his own ass and chop him down to nothing since you have him at your mercy?

"Indeed you are great Mr. Slith, but I have some tricks of my own! I might die, BUT YOU'RE COMING WITH ME!!!!!!!" he screamed. He grabbed the Slith with his legs, and used his ultimate attack, Kamakaze. Sabbre became red hot and seared at the Slith's skin. Then he started flashing multiple colors. And then, it was all over. Sabbre exploded in a brilliant flash of light, but he took the Slith with him.

Zero X. Diamond
Well, even though he died, at least he made a noble sacrifice...

Sabbre's parts flew all over the place, and Rocky quickly scooped them up and warped them with his PK to Dr. Genesis's lab to be repaired.

Zero X. Diamond
... which is immediately downplayed by the fact that he's just going to get rebuilt anyways.

Spoony Spoonicus
See, this is why Dragonball is a pile of unwatchable garbage.  There's absolutely no tension to any of the fights because you know that anyone who dies is just going to get resurrected ten minutes later.  There's literally nothing at stake!

Without it's master, Majinn Diamond had no power keeping it alive anymore. But all the while it had been copying the information of Zero out of him, and he would continue to live on. The Demon let out an unworldly shriek and melted off of Zero Diamond, who collapsed instantly. Everyone cheered,

Zero X. Diamond
Yay!!  Zero's knocked out again!!!!

but soon their cheers turned to yells as the goo reformed next to Zero and returned to how it had been before. "Kahahaha... FOOLS!! I am still alive and well, and noone can stop me from bringing about the apocolypse!!!"

Nice try, but the only one whose claim of unstoppability I will accept is Mr. Domino!

But then, an enraged Rocky lunged forwards and wrestled the Majinn to the ground. It's gooey consistency, however, enabled it to shape it's chest into the shape of a hammer and slammed Rocky off of him.

Rocky. VERSUS. The Blob!

The Blob!  Wins the match!

Rocky wasn't going to give up, however, and used his PK to teleport both of them to Dr. Genesis's lab themselves.

Zero X. Diamond
Time to run him over with a train full of elephants!!!

Reaching the destination, Rocky shoved the creature into an Anti-Matter Containment Unit, sealing him away from doing any further harm as long as it stayed sealed.

Zero X. Diamond
Two ridiculous deus ex machinas in four paragraphs.  This is the mark of a great writer.

 Rocky teleported himself back, and was happy to see Zero was alive and well. And as soon as Zero and Rocky combined again into Zerocky Diamello,

Mayor Mike Haggar
Because it was such an effective strategy the first time.

they journeyed on to Fourside... where they would meet their greatest adversary yet...

Zero X. Diamond

When they got to Fourside, there weren't any Dopplebots in sight. "Hmmm..." said Zerocky. "We'll have to split up. Ton and KL, you go that way, WOTB and Scorpion, go that way, and me and Jack'll go this way."

Zero X. Diamond
So it's settled: Sean just kinda walked out of the story while we weren't looking.


Mayor Mike Haggar

The groups went their seperate ways.
Eventually, Tonberry and KL found a large, unused warehouse.

Zero X. Diamond
There was one of those in Fourside, right?

Ton looked around, and caught sight of a Dopplebot stealing inside the warehouse. "KL, there's one! Let's get `im!"

Considering they were leveling entire cities minutes ago, I think you should just be glad they're now stooping to petty theft!

Ton and KL rush down to the factory back door and enter. Inside, about 5000 small robots were wandering around, doing various things. At once, they all turned around and stared at Tonberry and KL. Then they started rushing forward. They were saying something like, [Ping, pang! Peng, Ping pung pong!]

Zero X. Diamond
Is this racist?  I feel like this is racist.

 They picked Ton and KL up. They got nervous.

"Hey, what are you sporky robots doing?!"

"Kraaakaka!! Karraakkkka!"

Bad Box Art Mega Man
Cracker?  Well, I never!!
I barely knew 'er!

They took them to a pile of parts, and pointed to them. [Pang, pung, pingy pang!]

"What, you want us to help you put these together?"


"Well, ok, I guess..." Ton and KL got to work.

Zero X. Diamond
"Sure, we'll help the bad guys assemble some sort of machine.  Better than taking orders from egomaniac supreme."

Scorpion and Bomberboy were still going into Fourside, when suddenly an odd man jumped out of the theater.  The man started screaming, "AAAAAAAAAAAH!!!  IT'S HORRIBLE!!!  THESE GUYS CAME OUT OF NOWHERE AND STARTED KILLING EVERYONE!!"

Mayor Mike Haggar
I had a joke for this, but considering recent events in Colorado I'd rather not make it...

The man was huffing and puffing like he'd been running for hours.  Scorpion shared his thoughts with Bomberboy. "Curaackyyyyyyy."  (We'd better help this guy.)  "Please, help us!  One of the madmen is raving something about needing to kill to awaken ^%**#&$!!@!

Zero X. Diamond

(This will later be deciphered.)

Zero X. Diamond
Oh okay.

 They've got to be insane! I had to escape from them."  Bomberboy looked towards the theater with a grim look.  "I'm going in."


Ton and KL stopped working. "Forget this, let's go home." Ton and KL left the IF through Inter IF portalization.

Zero X. Diamond
They're going to meet up with Sean and make their own Rise of the Technoids.
Mayor Mike Haggar
This might be the only fanfic I've ever seen where even the characters got so sick of the story that they up and quit halfway through...

Ryoto flew high over Fourside.

Messenger of Justice
Ryoto?  Who's that?  Gehena and I just went through the previous chapters, and there's no mention of a Ryoto.  Did we skip a chapter somewhere?

Zero X. Diamond
I'm sorry for the turn the story is about to take.  I am so, so sorry.

She looked up at the sky and spoke. "Why am I doing this again?"
A voice boomed in her head. <Because you still need to help people on their quests.>

Zero X. Diamond
She's talking to God?

Spoony Spoonicus
Either that or Koudelka Iasant.

"But whyyy?! I helped those other people..."
<It's your duty! Unless of course, you want to be trapped again...>
"Gaah, alright, alright. I swear, you can be so annoying sometimes." Ryoto looked down. "Hey, what's goin' on down there?"

Zero X. Diamond
No, don't!  Keep flying!  Don't get involved!!

Zero and Rocky

Zero X. Diamond
When did they decouple?
Mega Man
Maybe they realized it was a stupid idea seconds after they did it.

walked down the deserted road. Zero looked around. "We REALLY should've been attacked by now, you know."

Spoony Spoonicus
"It's been TWO WHOLE MINUTES since the last fight scene!"

Zero X. Diamond
That's how the formula goes: we show up somewhere, walk around for a few minutes, then have a climactic boss battle.

"Relax, Zero! We'll-" *POW!* A huge fist knocked Rocky through a wall. It returned to it's owner,

Zero X. Diamond
Ivan Drago.

a ZXD hunter. "I am Damien. I was sent to destroy thee, Zero.

Zero X. Diamond
Robots don't say thee!

No, no, no!  For the third time, the line is "I must break you"!

...From the top, everyone.

 Prepare to die!"

Zero drew his Enhanced Saber. "I won't be beaten that easily!" He charged and swung. Damien blocked, then flicked him. Zero got knocked back about 50 feet. He stood up. "Dragon punch!" He charged foward and slammed Damien with a flaming punch. He didn't even flinch.

"Fool. Elec Barrier!"

Zero X. Diamond
Hooray for the electro barrier!!

Damien shot a purple net of energy at Zero.
*ZZZZRT!* "Aaargh!" Zero was caught! Damien prepared for the final blow...

Spoony Spoonicus
And now we're ripping off Mortal Kombat.

*Shhiw!* Damien was knocked back! Ryoto stood, holding a blade of electricity in her hand. "Hey, ya shouldn't use cheap tricks like that."
"Move, girl! I am a ZXD hunter, and must destroy Zero at all costs!"
Ryoto's eyes narrowed. "Girl? Did you just call me a GIRL?!" She suddenly grew and changed into a Feral Cat-being with huge claws and teeth. "I AM NOT A GIRL!"

Spoony Spoonicus
If she(?) launches into some kind of insane hermaphrodite furry pride rant, I'm out of here.

Ryoto charged forward and attacked Damien ferociously.
Zero watched the battle from inside the Elec Barrier. Wow, she's pretty good at fighting those guys...

Mega Man
"I could help, seeing as how I'm the hero of this story, but nah.  Everyone seems to be far better at staying alive than I am..."

Ryoto leapt back and shot a huge bolt of electricity at Damien. It ripped through him, putting the ZXD hunter offline permenately. The elec barrier faded.
Zero brushed off what remained of the electrical net. He looked over to Ryoto. "I owe you many thanks Miss..." Zero paused. "My name is..." she too paused, and looked over Zero. She fell in love right there.

Zero X. Diamond

Uuugh...not this love crap again!  At least I'm not the only one suffering horrible pain this time!

Regaining her senses, she continued, "Ryoto! My name is Ryoto..." Ryoto gave out a little giggle, which Zero didn't yet understand the cause of. He'd find out soon enough...

Zero X. Diamond
God, it's glaringly obvious this was written by a bunch of preteens who had never been touched by a girl before.  It happens like that in anime, so clearly that's how it really works!!

Spoony Spoonicus
At least it's not like in the hentai comics where they start enjoying rape halfway through the act, I guess...

"You could be a great help to us. Would you like to help us fight the great force of the Technoids?" Ryoto stopped to think... Hmm... if I join up with them, I could be close to him... I think I will. She spoke up, "Sure, why not? I'll come along for the ride..."

Mega Man
"I hope you don't mind the fact that I'll be dead five minutes into our next encounter."

There was some shuddering coming from the rubble from the wall. Rocky stumbled out, falling flat on his face.

There you go, man.  The best wrestler.  Ever.  The Shockmaster.

Jesus... fucking Christ, man.  What the fuck?!

Look at him, he's the best!

He looked up and saw Ryoto. Zero looked back to see Rocky signaling to come over there. ZXD dashed over to the pile of bricks and pulled him out. "What's the deal Rocky?" he said. "I was about to ask you the same thing Zero. Who's the girl? You got yourself a... GIRLFRIEND???"

Zero Diamond
Is Rocky seven years old?

Zero laughed, "She saved my life man, lay off her." Rocky looked over Zero's shoulder at Ryoto, then turned back to say, "I dunno... she can come... but if she pulls off one suspicious move, I'm going to do a number on her..."

Zero Diamond
This sounds really, really dirty.

Zero gave Rocky that you-don't-trust-very-many-people-do-you look.

Zero Diamond
 You know, that look.  Everyone's seen that face before.


Ryoto began thinking to herself again. Now's my chance... he's alone now... I'll just grab him and take him aside... Ryoto grabbed Zero by the arm and pulled him under a tree. "Huh, wha?" Zero said, thinking he was being ambushed.  Ryoto giggled, smiled at Zero and said, "Silly Zero, you're not being attacked! It's only me! It's just the two of us, here... alone... Isn't it romantic?"

Spoony Spoonicus
"Not really, seeing as we just meet thirty seconds ago and know literally nothing about one another."

He hadn't heard anyone talk to him like that in ages, for all he remembered, possibly never.

Zero Diamond
Definitely a self-insert.

Zero flinched in a kind of laughable way. "Aww, come on... give me a kiss Zero... you know you want to..."

Spoony Spoonicus
She's either insane or the horniest woman in the universe.  Or both.

 Zero gave a strange shriek and ran off.

Zero Diamond
Zero's seven years old too.

"Oh well," said Ryoto, "better give him a chance to get used to it!" She laughed, and flew after him...

Mega Man
Sexual harassment.  According to Japan, it's adorable!

A voice rang out. "Halt, Ryoto!"

Ryoto stopped chasing Zero and turned toward the owner of the voice. It was a 14 year old girl, with short, wavy purple hair. She was dressed in Juraian robes, and carried a staff with a large purple gem set in the top.

Spoony Spoonicus
Another character lifted directly from Tenchi Muyo, I presume?

"What do you want?"
The girl glared at Ryoto with great malice. "I am Nyeka, a Juraian Royal Warrior! I was sent by your master, The Nameless One, because frankly, you weren’t doing your job."

Spoony Spoonicus

She pointed the staff at her. "You shall now stop all such frivolous activities, like chasing after-" Nyeka then looked at Zero. Her eyes widened. *My word... He’s...*
Ryoto waved a hand in front of Nyeka’s face. "Hello! Anyone home? What are you staring-" Ryoto noticed just exactly who she was staring at, and her face clenched into a sneer. "Now listen here, Ms. Juraian Warrior! Zero is MINE, so don’t even think about it!"

Mega Man
(Stops reading to go beat his head on the wall for a while)

Nyeka snapped out of it. "Yours? Ha! Don’t make me laugh. Zero would never fall for the likes of you!"
"What are you talking about?! You don’t even know what he’s like yet!! He hasn’t spoke once since you showed up!"
"It doesn’t matter. I can tell just from looking at him... that he’s far too good for the likes of a mangy Cat-Girl like you!"

"Mangy?!  Jeez, you cough up ONE hairball on someone's shoes and they never let you live it down!"

"What did you just call me?!"
"What, has your hearing given out? My, wouldn’t have expected that from a Cat-Girl..."
"Why you little... If you hadn’t been sent by TNO, I’d wring your scrawny neck, you Royal Pain in the Butt!"
"What, are you implying I am annoying?!"
"I’m not implyin’ anything, I’m telling you! You are A-N-N-O-Y-I-N-G!!!"

Spoony Spoonicus
At least this story is self-aware.

Ryoto pulled her eye down and stuck out her tongue.
As Ryoto and Nyeka got into a heated "discussion", Rocky walked up to Zero. "Man, what is up with you and girls?"
Zero shook his head sadly. "I have no idea, although I dearly wish I did."

Mayor Mike Haggar
"Why do they keep drawing me in yaoi comics with Mega Man X?!"

A huge Dragon-Like technoid, flying high above, spotted Zero and swooped down at him. He and Rocky ducked narrowly. "Um, girls? Do you think you could help me fight this Technoid?"
They both glared at him. "Not now, we’re busy!" The continued their "discussion".

Bad Box Art Mega Man
Quickly Zero, now's your chance!  Just run and let them get eaten!

"Royal pain in the butt!" Ryoto snapped. "Flea-ridden Cat Girl!" Nyeka came back. Ryoto growled and grabbed Zero's arm. Nyeka grabbed the other. They began struggling over him.
Ryoto said, "Zero's mine, he's known me longer!" "Well, why would he love you when he could very well love royalty?" Nyeka responded. Zero mumbled, "Now I know how a Thanksgiving Turkey feels..."

Zero Diamond
Mayor Mike Haggar
They haven't beheaded you, stripped off all your skin and stuffed bread up your ass yet. But given how insane both of them are, I'm sure it's coming.

 The two girls kept tugging and arguing. "I don't need this kind of trouble!!!" Zero complained.

Zero Diamond
So not only are these girls both lifted from Tenchi Muyo, now there's actually dialogue getting lifted directly from the show.

The Dragon Technoid swooped down and landed next to Rocky. It made a terrible screech, then looked at Zero and made a confused noise. "They're fighting over who he loves best." Rocky explained.

Zero Diamond
 "Kind of like how we should be fighting right now."

The Technoid made a kind of "Geez, this is uncool." noise.

Zero Diamond
You know, that noise.  Everyone's heard that noise before.

 So Rocky and the technoid pulled up chairs and watched them fight over Zero.

Mega Man
The best friends you could ever ask for.

As the fight went on, Rocky and the technoid got into a conversation.

Zero Diamond
As much of a conversation as you can have with something that doesn't talk.

"So I says to the guy," Rocky said, "'Hey, buy your own car!' and he said, 'Dude, where's my car?'

Zero Diamond
Mayor Mike Haggar
This fanfic hits a new low by reminding me that movie exists...

so then I threw him off my property!" The technoid laughed at this and explained how one time, these two worker technoids got in a fight over how to build Sigma's 5th body and ended up pulling each other's heads off. Both of them had a good laugh and then got into a game of cards.

"You stay on a fourteen when the dealer shows a six."
"No way, you're supposed to get to seventeen or better.  Hit me."
"That's 23.  You bust."
"Told you."

After a while, the Dragon Technoid agreed to become Rocky's pet and come to his aid when he was needed. So the newly named "Hiryuubot" flew off.

Mega Man
Because the authors won't rest until everyone has a stupid Mary Sue-ish pet they can call on.
Zero Diamond
Well hey, if he CAN communicate somehow and has indicated that he's been to the secret Technoid HQ, why doesn't he just tell them where it's hidden?  That would aid us in ending this fucking story faster.

Back to the fighting. "I do not have fleas! I'm a Cat GIRL!" Ryoto yelled at Nyeka. "Well, at least I've got honor!" Ryoto laughed, "Honor? Psh! Who cares about honor when you've got a guy like Zero?" Finally, Rocky was getting sick and he stepped in.

Mayor Mike Haggar
And incinerated both of them with a flamethrower.

 "Girls, girls! You two simmer down and just both hold his hand and keep going!

Zero Diamond
Sorry dad...

We've already dawdled 6 and a half hours arguing over poor Zero here,

Zero Diamond
They lost the ability to keep screaming a few hours ago and have just been gurgling blood at each other out of their incredibly raw throats.

whose arms feel like rubber from all your non-stop pulling!"
Both girls looked at each other, then at Rocky, then at Zero. They paused a moment, then Ryoto whispered, "He's mine..." The girls held Zero's hands and away they went...

Spoony Spoonicus
To the next taping of the Jerry Springer Show.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town. Jack and Poo were cautiously walking down the street, in search of any danger. Suddenly, they heard a loud noise coming from down a side alley, and decided to investigate.

Jack and Poo, moved to either side of the alley, and slowly crept forward. They readied their weapons, and gazed into the darkness.

Spoony Spoonicus
Then they both got flattened by the Batmobile.

Suddenly, a large, metal creature bowled into the pair, knocking them over. Several more crashed into them afterwards, knocking them unconsious. The last thing Jack remembered was a hovering robot carrying him away.

"Mission accomplished.", stated one of the metal creatures. "We will now return to base with the specimens. Master will be pleased."

With that, Jack and Poo were carried away, to a unknown location.

Zero X. Diamond
Maybe they're gonna go hang out with Sean, Tonberry and Kid Lavos?
They will be fine.  They will just get to do some fun tests and eat delicious cake.  Please continue reading, and pay no attention to what's happened.

Inside the theater where Bomberboy and Scorpion were last seen...

Mayor Mike Haggar
Fast and the Furious part 7 was playing.  "So THIS is how these shitty films keep making money," he concluded.

Bomberboy walked in and a bunch of dopplebots were on guard duty.  Scorpion and Bomberboy went seperate paths to get away from the dopplebots. But try as he might to avoid them, Scorpion got caught.

* Scorpion faced off with Dopplebot A B and C!
* Scorpion hit Dopplebot A!  Dopplebot A was dismantled!

Spoony Spoonicus
Wait, he can just one hit kill anything without calculating damage?

* Dopplebot B called for help!  Dopplebots D-Z came!
* All of the Dopplebots attacked together!
* Scorpion is captured...

Spoony Spoonicus
Now they have to go venturing across the city to find him tied up in some other out-of-the-way building in order to get him back.  And they need missiles for the Party Van to get there.

Bomberboy continued on into the system, easily avoiding the now slumbering doppelbots. Soon he came across the high officer's room.  He heard some some technoids discussing something.  "Master, we almost have enough corpses to become ^%**#&$!!@ Aka MORTAR DOPPLER! Then we will be able to eliminate the only resistance we face... the warrior ZXD and his friends.

Mayor Mike Haggar
We consulted with George Lucas on the name.

 MWAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!"  The unknown master laughed, "Yes, but do not be so eager for the merger, Macmillian..."  "Yes sir, Johanne."  Bomberboy could feel the anger.  "I THOUGHT I ORDERED YOU NEVER TO CALL ME THAT!"

Red Skull's awfully touchy about his name.

Bomberboy took this opportunity to sprint from the theater.  Bomberboy noticed the Dopplebots are gone and runs out to find Zero and Rocky.

Spoony Spoonicus
"That freakish aberration I created by mistake is gone.  Time to celebrate!"


Rocky was conversing with Zero.  "You know, I hope we don't get attacked again."  Bomberboy leapt quite suddenly and unexpectedly out of a bush. Rocky yelled really loud.  Bomberboy began laughing his head off.  "HAHAHA!  I SCARED YOU!  BAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!" Rocky turned bright red and denied it.  "No you didn't.  You just startled me."

Mayor Mike Haggar
"Haha, it's funny because you almost blew my head off with a pulse rifle!"

Zero was also chuckling a bit.  "Sure he didn't."  Ryoto tapped Zero on the shoulder and when he leaned close she whispered into his ear, "Zero, who is this clown?"

Zero Diamond
"Yet another one of the worthless peons I'm traveling with.  He cheers me on and cries when I get hurt."

"That's Bomberboy.  We were split up for a little bit.  Speaking of which, where is Scorpion?"  Bomberboy shrugged.  "Oh well."

Zero Diamond
Yeah, your new best friend is just kinda gone after you went on an infiltration mission against the enemy.  Just kinda shrug it off.  I'm sure he's fine.