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New Adventures of Mega Man Issue 15 Page 9

Spoony Spoonicus
ALIENS are behind all this?  Oh, blow me.  That is the LAZIEST fucking copout deus ex machina bullshit you could possibly go with short of Mega Man pulling a time machine out of his ass and completely undoing this whole story.
Mayor Mike Haggar
This comic's an eerily spot-on premonitor to Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.  One dopey plot element after another, tons of bad slapstick, an incredibly unlikely survival of a nuclear explosion, and now... aliens!
At least with Kingdom of the Crystal Skull it sort of fit in with the 50s setting of the movie.  Here, they don't even have that luxury.  It's just stupid, lazy, contrived writing at its worst, as well as an excuse to pad the comic out longer now that they've abruptly dropped that plot point into a single page of exposition.

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