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New Adventures of Mega Man Issue 15 Page 28

Mega Man
150?  Hardly.  I count 15.  I also certainly knew I had them - they're all old designs I've scrapped a dozen times over by now.
Mayor Mike Haggar
Look at that cape, it's ridiculous.  Spawn would be jealous at how incredibly oversized that thing is.
It's 6:00 and time for the netherworld news!  I'm special guest Axel the Dark Hero, filling in for Usagi who has suddenly disappeared under mysterious circumstances!
The comic so far has been a road paved in groans and sighs, but we've come to the end of it all!  Next week, it's the final issue!    The final countdown!  The final stand for the corruptor of an icon of youth and a video gaming legend on par with myself!  Don't miss it!
Mayor Mike Haggar
...Who ARE you?

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