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New Adventures of Mega Man Issue 10 Page 29

Spoony Spoonicus
We couldn't just have that happen this issue, or even in the next issue, because we just needed fit in as many pointless fight scenes as we could!

Take it away, rabbit.  This whole issue was just a waste of time.
It's 6:00 and time for the Netherworld News!

Our bad comic takes a hard turn into filibuster with yet another extended fight scene that accomplishes absolutely nothing!
Will this lead into something actually happening next issue, or will we once again fall victim to the same tiresome, repeated jokes while getting no closer to the core of the plot?  Stay tuned, if you haven't already fallen asleep or died of boredom!
Mayor Mike Haggar
When you make Dragonball Z's pacing look good by comparison, you've got serious problems in your writing department.

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