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Lawyer Man, Page 88

Spoony Spoonicus
We're just left to assume that Kunio does indeed plummet to his demise, since this is the final page.

And on that joyful note, it's time for our final comments!
Mayor Mike Haggar
I might care about Kunio's impending demise if reading this comic hadn't already sucked out my soul and left me a joyless husk of a human being.
Mega Man
This somehow has even less plot and even worse jokes than the Brazilian Mega Man comic we're reading. But at least it's relatively short, I suppose.
Spoony Spoonicus
On the plus side, it did end before Fanboy managed to contribute much of anything to it. I'm not sure I could take another 500 pages of his rambling, plagiaristic Mary Sue crap.

But yeah, even without that this comic is awful.  It's not funny, the action isn't any good and what little plot there is isn't interesting.  But that's just par for the course of sprite comics (an assertion I have yet to be proven wrong on, incidentally).
Zero X. Diamond
There we go. We've finally reached the last strip, the one that I did at some point during my first year of college, which incidentally was the beginning of a great personal metamorphosis wherein I realized, among other things, that Lawyer Man had been a humongous waste of my time and effort. Believe it or not, there were many things left unfinished here: court cases were planned, there was a storyline I was toying with featuring Quint, and even a terribly cliche anime ending where Lawyer Man sacrifices his life to save the world from a now insane Attournor, only to return from the dead later as a real human being because of his SOUL TANK or whatever stupid ass plot device. Honestly, when I think of all the time and effort that was wasted on this crap, I get kind of upset. But hey, at least I've moved on and accomplished much better things since.

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