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New Adventures of Mega Man Issue 9 Page 12

Spoony Spoonicus
Tengu Man was the big badass of Wily's lineup?  Funny, I don't recall him being particularly difficult.
Mega Man
You want tough robot masters, I can name a bunch that gave me more trouble than Tengu Man.  Elec Man, Ice Man, Pharaoh Man, Freeze Man, Burner Man, Dynamo Man, the Yellow Devil...

Hell, even Wily's saucer from Mega Man 7 was more of a threat than he was.
Everyone knows Air Man is the most dangerous air-themed Robot Master of them all!
Zero X. Diamond
Tengu Man is super dangerous because he apparently towers over Mad Grinder, a boss who took up more than the whole screen. Obviously his power lies in being able to stomp on Mega Man.

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