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New Adventures of Mega Man Issue 7 Page 29

It's 6:00 and time for the Netherworld News! 

With this issue, Princess, the scourge to quality writing and comics everywhere within the borders of Brazil, was banished back into the void of failed comic book characters from whence she came.  To the best of our knowledge, neither she nor her creator ever found work in the industry again, and also to the best of our knowledge, nobody really minded that fact in the slightest.
However, the scourge of terrible fan comics is a foe that shall never be truly defeated, for anyone with a box of markers and a few half-baked ideas can create one in the age of information and free publicity.  Our never-ending struggle continues next week with more Novas Aventuras De Mega Man!
The Iron Sheik
FACK the facking Princess!  Facking raisin tits shit-eating whore!  I treat you like I treat de sonoffabitch Hulk Hogan! Put you in de camel clutch, break your back, and FACK your ass! I will make you humble!
Spoony Spoonicus
Late update!  According to this article, apparently our beloved Princess was Pereira's mascot of sorts, starring in a short story he wrote called "The Elementals" and appearing on the letters pages of Animax (his and Sergei Peixoto Silva's manga/anime magazine).  After her *ahem* planned takeover, the comic would be rebranded "The New Adventures of Mega Man presents: The Elementals" and would shift completely to her adventures in that universe with no mention of Mega Man whatsoever.  We can only imagine how well that change would have gone over with Mega Man fans, though it probably wouldn't have been more poorly-received than the comic we ultimately got!

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