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New Adventures of Mega Man Issue 6 Page 29

Jane Doe
Something significant had better start happening in this comic soon or I will use your aluminum asses for target practice!
It's 6:00 and time for the evening news!

We come to our fourth consecutive issue with no noticeable advancement on the overall plot!  Is there a terribly-paced story hidden in the background of this comic, or is this the staging grounds of an author filibuster?  Like it or not, we're going to find out the hard way!
Oh, this just in.  I'm informed via the slobbering lunatic holding a gun to my temple that there will be a very important addition to the next issue.  Namely--
Sound FX
ME!   Your day has come, you mentally retarded metal midgets!  Feel my wrath and the wrath of my beloved creator!

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