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New Adventures of Mega Man Issue 5 Page 29

Mega Man X
Next time on the New Adventures of Mega Man: Parts, the Clonus Horror!
Wrong! I will come next, of course!  Prepare for your destruction, mega geeks!
Spoony Spoonicus
Right, about that.  This issue marks the end of José Roberto Pereira's tenure as writer of this comic, as it was around this point that his grand plans were discovered and he was fired from Estudio PPA.  That means you're officially fair game, Princess.
What little you know! The script is already penned and the pages are drawn months before they hit the stands, even in a ramshackle no-budget operation such as this! My victory is assured! VIVA BRAZIL!
Mega Man
Even assuming you somehow pull this off, how long do you expect to stay in print? People generally buy a comic called "Mega Man" to see one of gaming's most beloved icons, not some frilled up no-name Mary Sue who killed him off.
I stand for all of Brazil! I will be a national icon for decades to come! The people will hear my name and cheer! And if they don't, I will FORCE them to cheer!

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