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New Adventures of Mega Man Issue 4 Page 21

Mayor Mike Haggar
Like Spoony said earlier, the worst part of this entire scenario is that it's completely unnecessary.  You could just have a two-page spread explaining how Dr. Light upgraded her from a housekeeping robot in order to give her a shot at survival, just like how he upgraded Mega Man.  Then he hid her away somewhere else in the chance that one of them should be discovered by Wily's death squads.  Bam.  Same end result, far less tasteless and offensive imagery.
Spoony Spoonicus
As I stated in my Final Fantasy X nutshell, if all I can think of as I read your story is how you could make it a lot better with only a few simple rewrites, you are failing as a storyteller.
My angst scenes will be FAR better when I take over this comic!  Bet on it!
Spoony Spoonicus
You're not taking over this comic.
FOOL! I am the ultimate power in this fictional universe! I'm protected by the story's author! I cannot be denied!

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