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New Adventures of Mega Man Issue 3 Page 29

Mega Man
And suddenly princess not only looks completely different, but she's sporting a completely different outfit.  One that looks like something straight out of a Rob Liefeld work.
Spoony Spoonicus
Just par for the course of this comic. Unusual in her case though, since she's clearly the author's beloved Mary Sue character.
Beware, you overrated Japanese rejects! Your day of reckoning has come!  Cower before my absolute majesty!
It's 6:00 and time for the Netherworld News!

Shocking!  Princes invades not only the lousy world of this Brazilian Mega Man comic, but the private sanctum of our beloved hecklers as well!  Worse, she claims to be backed by dark powers that make her invincible!
Could this be the end of our heroes, as badly written and moronic as they are in this comic?   Could this also spell doom for our beloved hecklers?  Only the coming pages shall tell!
Mega Man
"Private sanctum"? You think I'm here by choice?
Well, it sounds a lot nicer than "soul crushing prison of mental anguish and despair".  Let's try to make the best of things, shall we?
Make the best of things?!  I've had enough of this!  I'm going to have you fired, and then I'm going to show Princess real terror!

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