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New Adventures of Mega Man Issue 2 Page 29

Mega Man
This is the same company that allowed Final Fight Streetwise and Street Fighter Alpha Generations to exist.  Of course they will.
Spoony Spoonicus
This isn't just a cute one-off joke segment, by the way; The writer of this comic (José Roberto Pereira) really did intend to have Princess kill off all of the Mega Man characters and take over the comic for herself.  The editor eventually caught wind of his scheme and fired him, but of course, by then the damage was already done and this comic had firmly cemented itself in the annals of Mega Man-related infamy. 

As for what ultimately becomes of Princess... well, you'll see.
It's 6:00 and time for the Netherworld News!

Brazilian Terror! Amidst a Gontermanesque sea of inconsistent artwork, sloppy writing and bad jokes, an author avatar appears and forces her way to prominence!
Could this build up into something substantial? Will she pull a Liefeld, win out in popularity and hijack a popular comic series for herself? Or will she simply be forgotten about by the end of the next issue and never mentioned again? We can only watch and wait to find out.
Jane Doe
Now listen here, José, whoever you are!  If you want to fight, you will do it like a man!  You do not send the princess of your country to fight for you!  You do not put words in her mouth in propaganda posters!  You go get yourself a weapon, and you fight with honor!  Do you understand, maggot?!

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