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New Adventures of Mega Man Issue 2 Page 3

Spoony Spoonicus
By the way, something that you'll notice very quickly about this comic is that the artwork is all over the map. They seem to change artists on an issue-by-issue basis, yet they make absolutely no attempt to maintain consistency in either character designs or overall style.  Not to mention that the quality radically shifts from one issue to the next - sometimes it's almost good enough to be official promotional art and other times it looks like it's drawn by a ten-year-old with a box of Crayola markers.

This is apparently because of the comic's asinine unique design process, whereby several volunteer artists were provided with the script for a given issue and told to draw it out in its entirety, then the editor would pick out the pages they liked best and use them in the comic. And according to this article, nobody who contributed art was paid for their work.  Pure class!
Mega Man
This particular issue leans more toward the latter end of the spectrum.  Yeesh, this style is hideous.

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