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Let's Play Suikoden II Bonus Videos

First, a look at Suikoden II's most hilarious glitch.

Strangely enough, the gate between Muse and Matilda can be pushed right off its hinges, allowing you to access Rockaxe and Highway Village long before you're supposed to.  So you can recruit Futch and Humphrey and grind up to Level 35 before even meeting Annabelle if you wish.

This also gives you a second chance to recruit Futch and Humphrey if you accidentally skipped them on the way through Highway Village during Miklotov's mission to Greenhill - just push the gate off and go through when Jowy invites you to sign the peace treaty, then complete their little side-quest.  Bam, you're back on track to get the best possible ending.


Second, an alternative recruitment scene for L.C.Chan that isn't normally visible.

L.C.Chan will show up in the inn when you go to Rockaxe to (unsuccessfully) form an alliance with Gorudo - on later visits, however, he will have departed for Crom Village and will thus no longer be there.

However!  After defeating Luca Blight, you will be invited to Muse to sign a peace treaty with Jowy.  If you use the Matilda/Muse gate glitch at that point, you can re-enter Rockaxe with Wakaba in your party and see an alternate recruitment scene for L.C.Chan.