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Let's Play Suikoden II Bonus 3: More Alternate Scenes

If you choose to abandon the army with Nanami in Tinto, the next few scenes play out much differently - zombies invade Crom and Tigermouth Village, you end up being saved by Georg, and you have a rather harsh reunion with Shu and Flik in Drakemouth. Kahn and Sierra then join up without any real explanation and you go off to confront Neclord.

Ridley will also fall in battle against Neclord and be replaced by his son Boris, which results in a small added scene after you return to the castle.

(Video provided by Onilink24)

If you refuse to return even after confronted by Shu and Flik, you'll be given one more choice - return after all, or abandon the army once and for all. The latter results in a "bad" ending.

This is the alternate battle scene you get if you choose to accompany Viktor during the battle for Greenhill.  Not much else to say about it.

There is a room up some stairs in Radat with some excellent treasures - however, the lady at the bottom of the stairs will always stop you from going up there.  The only way to get up there is to randomly get accidentally teleported there by Viki.

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Finally, there are four more "Squirrel" characters with very similar stats and appearances to Mukumuku, who can only be recruited (ie they just randomly appear in your party) while walking along certain pathways with only the hero and Mukumuku (or other squirrel characters) in your party.  Not much point to getting them all unless you're a die-hard completionist or you just want to see their Unite attack, but hey, you have the option.

(Video provided by Onilink24)