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Let's Play Suikoden II Bonus 2: Alternate Scenes

I'm redoing a large chunk of the game to get another shot at the best ending. In the meantime, here's a couple of alternate scenes that you normally wouldn't get to see this playthrough.

You get this scene if you lose to the moth boss during McDohl's little side-quest.

If you're going for all 108 Stars, you have to use one of your Listening Crystals to recruit Feather in order to get Ayda.  The other can be used to recruit either Abizboah or Sigfried (but not both).  Here's Sigfried's recruitment scene.

If you don't care about having all 108 Stars, you can use a second Listening Crystal to recruit Rulodia at the same spot you recruited Abizboah, then recruit Chuchura at the docks at your HQ once both of them are in your group.

(Video provided by Onilink24)


Finally, here's Clive's little side-quest, which pretty much requires you to speed-run through the game in order to see all the events in time - not exactly friendly for completionists.

(Videos provided by Avendasora)