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New Adventures of Mega Man Issue 1 Page 18

Spoony Spoonicus
I wasn't going to say anything before, but this page has forced my hand: If you're going to swipe character designs from anywhere in the Mega Man universe, why would you take them from the cartoon?
Mega Man
So they can put breasts on Roll, of course.

Also, it just hit me: this is like a particularly bad fanfic of the cartoon series fully realized. "More realism and violence! A tougher and harder-edged setting! Roll is upgraded into an invincible, battle-ready Sue character! Because I'm an adult now and my favorite things as a kid should grow up with me!"
Dr. Light
How is that robot's arm still floating there? It defies all laws of physics!
Messenger of Justice
Wait a minute!  How can you repair yourself from scratch if you're blown to bits?  If that was possible, my job would be a lot easier!
Mayor Mike Haggar
Sudden Man Face Syndrome in the last panel there.

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