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Novas Aventuras De Mega Man (New Adventures of Megaman) Issue 1 Page 10

Mayor Mike Haggar
It'd be a lot easier to take these guys seriously as villains if their guns didn't fire Lucky Charms.
Spoony Spoonicus
Laser Cannon, as interpreted by Jackson Pollock.
Mega Man
I'm glad they spent a whole panel clarifying that she pressed the "Enter" key to confirm whatever command she typed in. I never would have guessed!
If only she punched in a very specific sequence of keys followed by "Delete" and turned into the Freakazoid. Then this comic would be awesome!
Messenger of Justice
Man, for someone who was running out of energy, Roll sure did a lot there. Did falling through that sinkhole recharge her batteries? Guess it doesn't matter now, since she's been blasted to pieces. I'm sure she'll be back up and running within a few pages, though.

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