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Let's Play EarthBound Dog Bat, Part 1

You already know what EarthBound is if you have any interest at all in classic console RPGs, but you probably clicked this link because you have absolutely no idea what an EarthBound Dog Bat is. Well, I will explain.

EarthBound Dog Bat is a unique ROM hack created using the Earthbound Reshuffler, a neat little program that randomizes item names, sprites, battle backgrounds and enemy movesets, and even assigns a random name to the ROM itself (in my case, EarthBound Dog Bat). It's actually quite a lot of fun to mess around with, and makes an already funny game into a truly bizarre experience. Not to mention a much more difficult one - enemies can and will get attacks that can deal debilitating status effects or do hundreds of points of damage from the very first steps of your journey. ¶ Check it out for yourself here: http://earthboundcentral.com/reshuffler/

And now, without further ado, I attempt to survive in this bold new world of randomized madness: