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Ultrabots Part 1

Known as "Xenobots" in Europe, Ultrabots is a forgotten RTS/mech combat game by Novalogic. Mostly because it's kinda boring in a lot of missions.

(As of 9/5/2017, I have the only footage of this game on Twitch!)

Watch live video from spoonshiro on www.twitch.tv
A quick primer

You've got three types of bots to utilize.  Not all of them are available in every mission:
  • Net Builders (Scorpions) build your Net by dropping Relays and have tail missiles, which instantly kill anything they hit but are slow to reload and limited in supply.  Scorpions are ungodly slow as well, so keep them protected by some Humanoids to prevent them from being picked off.
  • Humanoids are your main combat force, being relatively fast and durable.  They are able to fire both Seekers and Plasma shots that do quite a bit of damage.
  • Scouts are your fastest units, but also the weakest.  They're good for drawing a bead on your enemies' locations and setting traps, but keep them out of any serious combat situation because they tend to die very easily.
Your base lets you allocate power to three categories.
  • NET determines how much power goes into your net, which lets your units repair themselves and not have to run off their limited supply of battery power while within its range.
  • CON determines how much power goes into constructing Net relays.  On missions without scorpion bots, you can drop this to zero.
  • REP determines how much energy goes into repairing your bots when they return to base.  The more you put into it, the faster repairs will be completed.
From the base screen you also have two commands:

  • RECALL lets you recall the selected unit to base for repairs (and restocking Net Relays on scorpions).
  • OUTFIT lets you deploy repaired/restocked units back into the field.

In addition to being manually controlled, your units can also be issued several commands, either by clicking on the AI routine above their screen or pressing F4.  To specify a location for some AI routines (when needed), hold ALT and click a position on the radar screen.
  • Hold Position - The unit will stay where they are until put under manual control or issued another order.  If attacked, they will report it and then retreat back to base.
  • Sentry - Heads to a designated position and patrols a small perimeter around the area.  If an enemy approaches, they will engage them, but not pursue when they retreat.
  • Sentry/Pursue - Same as Sentry, but they will pursue a retreating enemy.  Use this carefully, as they may lead your unit into a trap.
  • Return to Base - The unit will stop whatever it's doing and retreat back to base for repairs/restocking.
  • Go to position - Heads to the specified position, then reports in when it arrives.
  • Shadow - Follows another specified friendly unit.  It will engage enemies that attack them, but will not pursue.
  • Shadow/Pursue - Follows a specified friendly unit, but will pursue fleeing enemies.
  • Patrol - Heads to a designated point and searches forward for enemy units.  It will engage any it finds.
  • Engage - Engages in battle with the targeted unit or nearest enemy unit, and will pursue them if necessary.  Once the enemy is defeated, it will alert base and then revert to whatever previous program it was running.
Scorpions have a few extra commands.
  • Dense Net - Deploys sentries in a specified direction from base in a dense pattern.
  • Sparse Net - Deploys sentries in a specified direction from base in a low density pattern.
  • Probe Net - Deploys sentries in a specified direction in an aggressive penetration pattern.  Useful when approaching enemy bases.